TRAINING COURSE 17 JUNE 2021Cesena – Azienda Martorano 5

Project LIFE17 ENV/IT/000333
LIFE PROGRAMME co-financed by the European Union

POREM is a sustainable fertilizer for degraded soils, based on natural resources: it is a product obtained from poultry manure modified with a natural enzyme preparation derived from plants (VAP) and represents an economic and continuous source of organic substance and nutrients for soil restoration .

The POREM production process is simple: it takes 90 days, during which the poultry manure (droppings or litter), stowed in heaps, are inoculated with the VAP enzymes that trigger the stabilization of the material; the stability of the bioactivator is related to the maturation time. The piles of animal excrement must be protected from atmospheric events, that is, placed in a barn or agricultural shed, not moved or mixed during the whole period.