LIFE Networking Meeting


Saturday 25th September 2021
Orsini Naro Castle in Mompeo (Rieti)


16:15 Registration of participants

16:30 Municipality of Mompeo - Welcome, Mayor Michela Cortegiani

16:45 University of Perugia - "Circular economy and sustainability in the management of livestock waste",
Antonio Boggia, Professor of Environmental Economics and Circular Economy

17:15 Arpa Lazio - "The contribution of ARPA and SNPA in the management of livestock manure and in the prevention of pollution and
of land consumption ", Pablo De Paola - Arpa Lazio, Territorial Office of Rieti, Fabrizio Gismondi - Arpa Lazio, Territorial Office of Rome

17:50 Soil4Life - "The role and importance of soil in agricultural production processes: a CAP that invests us?",
Fabio Raccosta, Soil4Life Project Manager for CIA - Italian Farmers

18:10 LIFE CHIMERA - "CHIMERA: circular economy and innovation for the poultry sector", Rosalino Usci, AD 3P Engineering Srl

18:30 LIFE POREM - "POREM, the bioactivator based on poultry manure for soil regeneration",
Nicola Minerva, Director of ASTRA Innovation and Development Srl

18:50 CO&SO - “European Funding for the Environment”, Costantino Raspi, European Planning

19:15 Conclusions and closing greetings

For information and subscriptions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Nicola.Minerva@astrain

In compliance with the provisions in force for the purpose of containing the spread of the infection of the COVID-19 virus and to ensure the protection of
health and safety of all participants, the presentation of the Green Pass is required ("Green Covid-19 certification" with at least one of the following
requirements: certificate of vaccination, even of the first dose only after 14 days from the same; conducting a molecular test or
rapid antigenic with negative outcome within the previous 48h). Access to people with temperatures equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C is prohibited.
A station will be set up at the entrance to measure body temperature and disinfectant gel dispensers. It is mandatory to wear the
protective mask during the stay at the event and it is recommended to always maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter.

LIFE CHIMERA - CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation "Project funded by the European Union - GA n. LIFE15 ENV / IT / 000631.
LIFE POREM - Poultry manure based bioactivator for better soil management through bioremediation (Life 17 Env / It / 333)
SOIL4LIFE - LIFE GIE / IT / 000477