MICRONADIR SL MICRONADIR MICRONADIR is a start-up, created in 2015. This new company differentiates its main business line on the design, production, commercialisation and consulting of stabilized bioproducts based on organic wastes by inoculating beneficial microorganisms and enzymes, both with biofertilizer, biostimulant and biopesticide recognized effects. This addition permits producing a new generation of bio products with bioactive added value that they are required and appreciate by the agriculture sector. This company is supported on the large expertise of Dr Pascual on organic waste management, that shares his daily activity as Senior Researcher at CEBAS-CSIC institute (Investigador Científico del CSIC), with his partly consultant work in MICRONADIR.

EPS biotechnology, s.r.o. EPS The EPS, s.r.o. company was founded in 2002 with the emphasis put on active approach to environmental remediation projects. We provide services in the field of environmental biotechnologies, especially in environmental protection, R&D, waste management, and renewable energy sources. We specialize in novel technology - primarily biotechnology - R&D; further, in the exploration of contaminated soil, bedrock, groundwater, and constructions and subsequent clean-up using mainly the bioremediation techniques. Our facilities rank above average in the industry of environmental protection, exploration realization, environmental risk assessment, novel technology R&D, and the biotechnology application.

Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile ENEA ENEA is the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (www.enea.it). Pursuant to art. 37 of Law no. 99 of July 23rd, 2009, the Agency’s activities are targeted to research, innovation technology and advanced services in the fields of energy. The ENEA Faenza MAterial TEchnologies Laboratory (ENEA-SSPT-PROMAS-TEMAF) , in Sustainability Department, , is located at the Faenza Research Laboratories and has around 3500 square metres of laboratories and offices,. It has a staff of about 20 employees and is involved in R&D activities on new materials and technologies. It focuses mainly on advanced and traditional ceramics, ceramic composites and building materials. The unit activities are financed by the national and European research projects, technological services to SMEs, in cooperation with industrial associations and private companies. The Laboratory works in three main fields: ceramics, technology and engineering. The ultimate purpose is the innovation and technology transfer. The activities are organised into “new materials and technologies” group and “engineering and qualification” group. The “new materials and technologies” group is also involved in innovative materials and technologies for recovery and recycling of biomass aimed at sustainable economic development: support for local companies, experimental projects for the technology transfer, pilot applications, developing of physical methods for biomass and organic fertilizers characterization. Particular experience has been acquired in poultry wastes treatment and recovery in a few LIFE projects, in organic fertilizers characterization in order to define quality and performance. Furthermore, the contribution of Laboratory SSPT-USER-RISE is essential for their experience in LCA and LCC competence also for organic fertilizers/amendment production from waste and by-products.