This formative guideline explains the POREM bioactivator manure characteristics and the procedure for the distribution and expected results from field use on both crop production and land restoration of European degraded soils, such as in Italy, Spain and Czech Republic.

Refer to the GUIDELINE FOR POREM BIOACTIVATOR PRODUCTION, for details related to the specific technical and operational characteristics, protocols and procedures.

This guideline is addressed to:
- Farmers who want to use a product able to fertilize, improve and regenerate the land for agricultural use, suitable for all agricultural crops. Particularly, it is addressed to farm soils subject to high rates of degradation (even in low organic matter soil, also in semiarid areas), hence the need to find new and low-cost effective strategies for soil restoration to tackle soil depletion.
- Public institutions that want to restore areas characterized by degraded soils and depleted from organic matter.
- Gardeners and Companies that care for parks and gardens who want to use a fertilizer and soil conditioner product characterized by a low olfactory impact.