Actions and means to achieve the objectives are organized as follow:

Implementation actions (B) encompass actions to enable transferability and replicability by means of technical courses to public administration and professionals and guidelines to support the identification and the "know-how" to implement the suitable technique in each case.

The main demonstration activities related to Objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: - production of POREM bioactivator. - Different heaps (pilot production) in Italy, in Spain and then in Czech Republic will be set up, in order to obtain the POREM bioactivator for field application.

Process parameters will be “handled” according to process characteristics: the heaps will be ripen for different time to fully monitor the degree of homogeneity of the ripening and final product “quality.

Monitoring actions (C) include different methodologies to measure the environmental, social and economic impacts of the project. The main monitoring activities related to Objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: - VAP composition, sanitization, final quality bioactivator and enzymatic profile will be performed - Soils restoration (microclima)will be monitored by chemical, physical, microbiological and new OMI Cs methodologies (CEBAS, ENEA, EPS).

Crop productivity will be monitored by ASTRA. - LCA evaluation Public awareness and dissemination actions (D) include activities to involve all relevant stakeholders related to water issues.

Results will be disseminated by using project website and collaborators and other networking tools (Facebook, Twitter). Peer reviewed international publications will be also provided.

Participation at national and international conferences and events will be foreseen. Specific dissemination material will be designed, produced and distributed to all relevant stakeholders and general public.

The dissemination actions encompass an itinerary with information panels about the techniques and expected results. A Post LIFE communication plan is considered where commitments acquired by the partners regarding the continuation of the project will be included. These activities will mainly contribute to the Objectives 2 and 5.

Project management actions (E) will be conducted by Soldano to guarantee the proper development of the project's actions and the achievement of the project's objectives.

Besides, the coordination of actions and involved partners is crucial in this project due to the interdependences among the proposed actions.