Expected results (outputs and quantified achievements) The specific POREM technical results will be: -- To demonstrate the applicability of a treatment to obtain from poultry manure an organic fertilizer bio-activator with reduced odor impact (80% NH3 emission in comparison with fresh ones), reduced salinity (<5 dS/m), 40% P contained in struvite compound. - To demonstrate the environmental benefits of the POREM Project in relation to the Soil Protection Thematic strategy of the EU at the local and global level, as well as estimate future applications. - An increased fertility of soils after 2 years measured as Organic Matter content and edafic fertility - To increase bulk density (20%) and aggregates (20%) - To increase soil organic C (40%), and water soluble C (40%) - To increase total N (40%) and total P (25%) - To increase total biodiversity (measured as PLFAs): +25% in total bacteria and fungi - Plant test assay: to increase plant yield, +35% - Improved soil management in terms of reduced input (mineral fertilizers and water) - Proof of technical and economic viability and socioeconomic impact achieved as well as estimates of the socioeconomic impact of future applications. - To provide a low-cost technological guide for soil restoration and the application of treated poultry manure. The following outputs will contribute to objectives 2, 3, 4 and 5: - Technical Guideline - Technical training course - 4 project workshops - 2 peer reviewed scientific papers - 15 articles in general newspapers and 2 TV participations - 10 participations at national and international conferences, fairs and other events - Creation of an active network with 10 projects which will facilitate the exchange of information among consortia who work or have worked in the past on topics related to the project’s. - contacts with minimum 10 of people between institutions and policy makers from different EU and National institutions Regarding transferability and awareness the following outputs will be provided: - 1 website and Facebook profile page - 12 notice boards, 10.000 Brochures, 1 roll-up, 12 posters, 2.500 gadgets - 1 project video - Layman report