An estimated 45% of European soils are potentially subjected to degradation: new strategies for improving soils quality are necessary. As an overall objective, the proposed project intends to DEMONSTRATE the efficiency of applying innovative- and low-cost effective technologies for restoration of soils low organic matter soil, also in semiarid areas. Particularly, we aim to demonstrate the applicability of poultry manure, treated according to EP 1314710*, for soil restoration/ bioremediation, avoid degradation, fix C in the soil, put P as struvite and increase biological quality (edafic fertility), in terms of bulk density and aggregates, N content, total biodiversity and plant yield. It's a new technique that goes beyond soil fertilization and soil amendment, looking for a tool for regenerating and boosting productivity. It is also addressed to soil microorganisms, with supply of enzymes that can help regeneration of degraded soils. In the meanwhile, this application can find a new collocation for poultry manure, very often produced in restricted areas, with difficulties for their correct disposal, as agroindustrial by-product.


Objective 1

To demonstrate the restoration capacity of repeated applications of poultry manure (properly treated) to 3 selected soils in experimental zones, located in the Region of Murcia (Spain), in semi-arid climate, in Apulia (Italy) and replicability in exploited soils in Czech Areas

Objective 2

To guarantee transferability and replicability of soil restoration, by providing technical training and supporting tools for the case-to-case identification and implementation of the best technique and by using all media available to actively transfer knowledge at all levels, local, national and European.

Objective 3

To provide public administration, which work on environmental and soil aspects, tools for assessing soil restoration policies and agricultural management strategies, as well as subsequent implementations of projects in order to translate in practice these policies

Objective 4

To increase awareness and support soil sector by providing cost-effective solutions that include more efficient techniques that may also improve profitability.

Objective 5

To identify and involve all relevant stakeholders related to water issues. This in turn will aim to integrate social, environmental and economic components of the soil restoration.