Action B1:
B1.1 procured the quantities of natural products with VAP enzymatic activity according to EP 1314710 in Soldano for Soldano tests and laboratory tests and analyzes at CEBAS.
B1.2 Defined the operating methods and, jointly with project partners. Planning of the start of production POREM C / O SOLDANO on February 5, 2019, also to take into account the needs of use in the field.

Azione C1:
- The preliminary characterization of the pollen to be used for POREM in Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic has started at CEBAS.
- Setting of gas measurement methodologies (CO2, CH4, NH3, H2S) from ENEA and CEBAS, with the support of EPS.
- NEA developed first gas emission measurement methodologies (CO2, CH4, NH3, H2S) during the production of POREM: collaboration started between 3 ENEA laboratories (SSPT-PROMAS-TEMAF - and USER: Faenza, Brindisi and Casaccia) for monitoring process with involvement of SOLDANO. Field instrumentation for pilot production monitoring at Soldano.

Action B4:
Verification of POREM production protocol for the first year as a basis for defining a GUIDELINE, as foreseen in the project.

Action D1: 
- Posting of the notice board in the offices of all the partners
- Arrangement and updating of the site
- Definitive reception by EPS of all dissemination products (banners , brochures and gadgets) ordered for the project

Action D2:
Preliminary contacts with ESPP (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform) representative