ASTRA Innovazione e sviluppo - agenzia per la sperimentazione tecnologica e la ricerca agroambientale srl ASTRA Astra is society that, by 1989, promotes the development of scientific research and experimentation in the field of biotechnology, particularly enzymes for application in the field of agriculture, zootechny, recovery of biomass and waste and for the remediation of polluted sites. Since May 2007, Astra has been enlisted in Italian National List of Research Enterprises (Anagrafe nazionale delle ricerche). Astra aims to contribute to the promotion and development of scientific research and experimentation in the field of biotechnology to promote their application to agriculture, zootechny, remediation of polluted sites and recovery of biomass and waste. Starting with a holistic view of nature, Astra embraces the philosophy of sustainable development: the technological and social progress depends compliance with the earth’s chemical-physical and biological equilibrium. In full compliance with the directions given by European and national environmental legislation, Astra studies the application of enzyme preparations to organic wastes treatment for agriculture purposes and polluted soils recover. In promoting the conservation of agriculture and forestry, developing natural products, using sustainable techniques, Astra responses to the current needs of saving water and the fight against desertification and soil depauperation.